Recent Travel Guidelines (Maharashtra, India)

Recent Travel Guidelines issued by the Maharashtra Government on 25th of Nov 2020 regarding the passengers travelling to Maharashtra from Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa go as follows:


1) Passengers travelling to Maharashtra through Air should present a RT-PCR (Covid Test) done within 72hrs before arriving.
2) People not having the test results shall undergo an Antigen test at the Airport at own cost
3) People showing Positive test results shall undergo the procedure deemed fit by the Airport Authority.
4) People showing negative test result shall be allowed further.


1) People travelling to Maharashtra by railway should present a RT-PCR (Covid Test) done within 96hrs before arriving.
2) Passengers who are not tested shall undergo Antigen test at own cost
3) If the test shows negative he/she shall be allowed to go home.
4) If the test shows positive the person will be taken to a CCC (Covid Care Centre) and the necessary treatments shall be done at their own cost.


1) Passengers will be screened (Temperature and Oxygen test)
2) People not showing symptoms shall pass
3) Passengers showing symptoms will be advised to take the Antigen test
4) The people showing negative results shall be allowed further but those showing positive results shall be taken to a CCC (Covid Care Centre) and treatment shall be given at own cost.


What exactly is RT-PCR?
RT-PCR stands for Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction which is for the detection of Nucleic Acid present in SARS-Cov-2

How exactly is the test done?
It is done by collection of the nasal swab specimens by

  1. Pixel (LabCorp COVID 19 test home kit) or LabCorp at Home Covid-19 test home collection Kit when directly ordered by the HCP (Health Care Provider)
  2. Collecting up to five individual swab specimens per pool and 25 such specimens per matrix (Also called as a pooling/group test). It shall be collected by the HCP (Health Care Provider) with the help of the kits mentioned above. People showing positive results can also be tested individually again

Who are advised to take the test?
Anyone who is suspected to have the symptoms is highly advised to take the test. Also Passengers traveling will be needed to show RT-PCR Test

Source: TOI and FDA

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