Hilarious ways to plan a vacation.

Meaning to curate a travel plan or an itinerary , now that the most tiring time of the year is over? Fear not I have got you covered. After browsing on the internet for what seems like an eternity and calling the agencies to get your travel suggestions or just looking at many you tube videos, are you still stuck and fear that you might never have a plan for the holidays? We are always overwhelmed by vast choices and sometimes leaving things on fate or chance seems more reliable than doing all the boring work yourself. Because of the lockdown and many countries still being closed for travel, domestic travel is going to be the first choice of the travelers. Keeping the hassle of visa, passports and customs at bay, hereby are some very fun and hilarious way you can plan a vacation for the upcoming joyous season.

The good old chit system: Write down the names of the places you are looking to go within the country on little paper chits and pick a chit at random or let someone else do it for you. Whichever destination you pick should be your choice of location!

The Sleepy technique: Was the last technique not random enough for you? This one is way weirder. Utilize those same chits and hide them under your mattress or bedding. Sleep on the mattress and when you wake up whichever chit is under your Right arm is your choice of destination and also a great way to start a day with a surprise!

Buzzfeed Quizzes: Take one of those quizzes online and as ridiculous as it sounds it might actually be the most spontaneous thing you would do in your life. Take those quizzes and find a destination that matches your personality and go checkout for yourself if the place resembles you.

A Nursery Rhyme: This one would just take the cake for the weirdest. Play any nursery rhyme of your choice and chant the alphabets from A to Z continuously, the time the rhyme ends the alphabet in your mind is your clue for the place. Then search for places around you that start with that letter and fix your plans.

Spontaneity and excitement are essential for the spirit of the traveler and after what we all have gone through this year, I guess we all deserve to have a bit of fun and let loose for a while! Comment down below if you ever tried these hilarious and fun ways and lastly stay safe and happy. Until next time.

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