Tips that will change your life!

There are numerous blogs, motivators and people around you that will tell you that changing your life is actually quite easy. Some investments or a makeover is first step to do so. You may also think that it is expensive to make those changes in life. But wait have you ever heard that,
Charity begins at home
The same way any change that has to occur should occur within oneself. There is no easy way to making your life better but a long process which only demands you to be consistent. You don’t need to be hard on yourself or make changes to your appearance to feel the change. Following are a few ways you can include in your daily life which do not ask for much time or money just your will towards a better tomorrow.

1) Select your purpose:
We are not born with a determined purpose of our being in fact we realize ours while gaining experience from our strengths and mistakes. Do not constrict your thinking or your imagination. Every time you get a task, instead of setting a deadline or believing that you can do it just try and understand it a little more by asking those around you. This will make it easier for you to get the job done and will give you motivation to keep going further. Do your research beyond the task and understand its real life significance which will help you keep learning new things. Your purpose is what you would want the people to remember you by and you can be whatever you feel like.

2) Inculcate and Change one habit:
There is always that one habit we wished we had like being outspoken or being calm. Human brain takes about 21 days to learn a new habit. Take one step at a time, if you want to be outspoken the best way to start is by genuinely complementing people around you. This helps to form strong bonds and soon enough you will realize how many around you want to have a conversation. Start by casually complimenting someone’s handwriting or their watch and keep saying what is on your mind and soon that habit will become natural to you. Just a joy of acknowledging someone’s choice is quite satisfying and an amazing ice breaker.

3) Take up a physical activity:
Like many have already told you before, take up a physical activity. It does not have to be just going to the gym, you can start running or take a walk at the sunrise or sunrise and they are a workout in itself. Physical activity wakes up the body and mind. It helps balance your mood and also gives you an amazing physic. Running, swimming, going on walks alone or with friends, cycling are the best for getting in shape or you could also take up a sport, ones like Tennis, Football, Cricket, etc. These will not only get the body moving but also build great friendships as most of these sports need a team of players.

4) Coloring Books:
As ridiculous and naïve as it sounds, surrounding yourself with colors help uplift your mood. Ever wondered why a child’s room or everything that’s related to kids so colorful? Colors help in the cognitive growth of the brain. Buy a nice new coloring book and paint some amazing pictures or just download apps that offer number wise coloring and get painting. Soon you will realize that this is a great way to relax your mind and feel accomplished after finishing your masterpiece!

5) Treat yourself:
Make a nice cup of hot chocolate just for yourself on a winter evening, cook that one delicious gourmet recipe that meant to try but didn’t get the time, Take yourself to the spa or just go watch a movie and enjoy it with a huge tub of popcorn. These are those little things you have to do to tell yourself that you are worth it. Be your own best friend and try to understand your body and your mindset and be proud of it.

These are just a few of many tips I have compiled, stay tuned to find out many more such tips in the Part 2 of this update! Comment down below if you tried any of these tips mentioned above and how did it benefit you! Also follow this blog to get notifications of all the updates. That’s it for this post, see you again!

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3 thoughts on “Tips that will change your life!

  1. I enjoyed reading your tips – and related most to the suggestion that wee treat ourselves to some thing, some time, or some place special. I do that every morning as I climb the circle staircase to my sanctuary with my nice cup of hot beverage (coffee, tea, or chocolate) and allow my day to start with my devotionals and the Holy Spirit. God is good! Thanks for visiting JanBeek and leaving your calling card so I could find you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you’re here in the USA) … and a week of health & happiness, peace & gratitude. ❤


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