How to Travel in 2020

Modern day travel commenced in the middle 19th Century and has only seen a boost since then. Apart from the Water way, Road ways and Rail way transport found its way into the travel industry and positioned themselves as one of the most common and quick means of transportation. One such mean of transport that was introduced much later than all of the other ways mentioned above was the Air ways. It made travel between two countries easier and gave a huge market for travel around the world. It is still one of the most famous and quickest way to travel oversees or within a country. This year in March 2020 when Corona Virus spread its claws around the world, almost all countries shut down the international flights due to the risk of the spread of the newly introduced disease. Many industries took a huge hit and incurred losses over the time period of almost eight months now, but one such industry faced the low that it had never seen before was the Travel industry. Due to quarantine, it had become almost impossible for anyone to travel in this period due to health risks. Due to unpredicted turn of events, no amount of disaster management could save even the biggest of the players of the travel market. Although many countries have opened their doors for tourism under strict guidelines, it is still in a minimal pace. People are worried about the risks and some even unaware of the new travel policies. But there are still many travel lovers who wish to explore their horizons.
Is there any way things could be easy, cheap and accessible in travel right now?
YES! For all the travel enthusiasts right now stuck at home, there are still many ways a person can travel and get to experience new things without spending much. Following are a few trends which I compiled could be a great start to ease into travelling.

1) REVISIT: Remember that small museum by the house or that one awesome sunset point that you visited like five years ago and has almost never been in your list to explore currently, maybe this is a time that you visit that place again. Not only does it evoke a sense of nostalgia but watching a place or a monument with new eyes and perspective helps us to understand the culture better. The trees of history now so lost and forgotten in the modern time’s hustle and bustle, we can actually try to get closer to our roots. If not anything, great pictures for social media are always a motivating factor for the youths. Visit your closest gardens, museums, art galleries, monuments, etc.

2) CRASH AT A BNB: Tired of staying at home looking at the same walls of your room which you already know are a shade of pale yellow maybe this is the time you get to live in a different home. One major and most underrated factor of travelling is the stay. The newness of a new home brings in enthusiasm and clean slate to make many memories. Just book a bed and breakfast around which ever area in the city you like and spend a week or two there. Notice around and see that the people around you have much different way of living and that the birds might just chirp in various different ways than you have ever noticed before. Take your friends or family and plan a retreat or just go alone for solitude.

3) EXPERIENCE: Do you know that many people around you hold cooking classes, book your seats now because there is nothing more accomplishing than cooking your own meal for a day that you newly learned. It is said that the pathway to heart passes through the stomach and I couldn’t agree more. You will be learning new skills but also understanding the diverse food culture. Food is a necessity and it can be delicious. This year has taught everyone to at least make a toast for themselves and joining the classes might just teach you to make your own pizza. There would also be many companies around you that take a historical city walks. Join one such walk and learn new things about the same city you are living since forever or might have just moved too. There are various such experience classes around you hence, keep an eye out for one.

4) FIND YOUR OWN GEMS: Think more than just places of mass tourism. Maybe you could find potential touristic places with research and promote them for the people around you to come visit. Make a habit to write reviews and help out others too.

5) TREKS AND HIKES: People go on treks to find peace within the arms of mother nature and there is no better way to energize your mind with the pure breeze of the mountains and silent music of the streams. One can socially distance themselves and enjoy a trekking day.

6) HOME TRAVEL: This is a relatively new concept developed this year where various apps or websites take you on a virtual tour of the place of your choice and you can enjoy the visuals and get to know the history and culture at the comfort of your home. Though travel is an experience where demands you to be at a certain place present but this is a great way to understand your choice of place and make a bucket list for your future travels.


  1. Follow the guidelines and wear a mask.
  2. If you find a genuine handicrafts store, book store or a small restaurant make sure to take something from there, your little contribution can account for much more.
  3. Support the small local businesses.
  4. Keep yourself updated with the latest news

That’s all for this blog, Stay safe and follow Pacific Lifestyle for many such easy guides!

5 thoughts on “How to Travel in 2020

  1. Beautiful thoughts to inspire and motivate people to come back to their normal life in this pandemic, People has faced through the panic situation this year hope ur blog turns there mind.


  2. Very nice information for travellers and after a long break people are all geared up to travel and your blog will be really helpful


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