Goa, a new point of view!

Goa is the destination of dreams for every person in every age group, known for its lively culture and booming nightlife Goa has won the hearts of many. Each teenager dreams to go to Goa atleast once in his or her life. Every year thousands of people travel here to take walks along the most pituresque beaches and have an adventure of a lifetime. Located just below the state of Maharashtra, Goa is also the smallest state in India and is famously divided into the two parts namely North and South Goa. North Goa is known for its night life. Blessed with many beaches, this area provides a vibrant hotel culture and is a home for water sports. From party as close to the beach to high end clubs this area is awake until 4 am.

South Goa is more subtle and houses many heritage buildings from the time of 17th century. This has also become a hot spot for adventure activities like Bungy Jumping, Scuba Diving, Treks and Trails,etc.

When we think of Goa we always think of parties and beaches but there is more to it. Due to very strong Portuguese influence on this state has created an impact on their food and living. Lets see the most unique things that one can do in Goa:

Culinary Tours- Like mentioned before Goa is abundantly blessed with a long sea belt as a result the main staple food of Goa would be sea food. Ranging from Kingfish to Squids Goa has it all. Red meat is also a very well known food item. Goa is the only state in India that can legally serve beef! The food trucks are also an amazing option for backpackers for a quick meal on the go. The more traditional dishes of Goa are Xacuti, Xac Xac, Cafeal, etc which are very rarely found in other states and taste the best when eaten on a peaceful table set alongside the ocean overlooking the horizon.

Adventurer’s Paradise- Many adventure activities have started up in Goa like Bungy Jumping, Jet skiis, Hang Gliding, Para Sailing, Cliff Jumping, Scuba Diving,etc. You can also choose from a variety of treks ranging from easy to difficult trails.

Cultural Tour: Many may not know but Goa has been offering the option of home stays for a long time. Living like this gives a better insight about how a local Goan would spend his day and get to taste the most delicious home cooked meals! One could also understand the religion and beliefs and also get to learn a whole new language.

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Recent Travel Guidelines (Maharashtra, India)

Recent Travel Guidelines issued by the Maharashtra Government on 25th of Nov 2020 regarding the passengers travelling to Maharashtra from Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa go as follows:


1) Passengers travelling to Maharashtra through Air should present a RT-PCR (Covid Test) done within 72hrs before arriving.
2) People not having the test results shall undergo an Antigen test at the Airport at own cost
3) People showing Positive test results shall undergo the procedure deemed fit by the Airport Authority.
4) People showing negative test result shall be allowed further.


1) People travelling to Maharashtra by railway should present a RT-PCR (Covid Test) done within 96hrs before arriving.
2) Passengers who are not tested shall undergo Antigen test at own cost
3) If the test shows negative he/she shall be allowed to go home.
4) If the test shows positive the person will be taken to a CCC (Covid Care Centre) and the necessary treatments shall be done at their own cost.


1) Passengers will be screened (Temperature and Oxygen test)
2) People not showing symptoms shall pass
3) Passengers showing symptoms will be advised to take the Antigen test
4) The people showing negative results shall be allowed further but those showing positive results shall be taken to a CCC (Covid Care Centre) and treatment shall be given at own cost.


What exactly is RT-PCR?
RT-PCR stands for Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction which is for the detection of Nucleic Acid present in SARS-Cov-2

How exactly is the test done?
It is done by collection of the nasal swab specimens by

  1. Pixel (LabCorp COVID 19 test home kit) or LabCorp at Home Covid-19 test home collection Kit when directly ordered by the HCP (Health Care Provider)
  2. Collecting up to five individual swab specimens per pool and 25 such specimens per matrix (Also called as a pooling/group test). It shall be collected by the HCP (Health Care Provider) with the help of the kits mentioned above. People showing positive results can also be tested individually again

Who are advised to take the test?
Anyone who is suspected to have the symptoms is highly advised to take the test. Also Passengers traveling will be needed to show RT-PCR Test

Source: TOI and FDA

Hilarious ways to plan a vacation.

Meaning to curate a travel plan or an itinerary , now that the most tiring time of the year is over? Fear not I have got you covered. After browsing on the internet for what seems like an eternity and calling the agencies to get your travel suggestions or just looking at many you tube videos, are you still stuck and fear that you might never have a plan for the holidays? We are always overwhelmed by vast choices and sometimes leaving things on fate or chance seems more reliable than doing all the boring work yourself. Because of the lockdown and many countries still being closed for travel, domestic travel is going to be the first choice of the travelers. Keeping the hassle of visa, passports and customs at bay, hereby are some very fun and hilarious way you can plan a vacation for the upcoming joyous season.

The good old chit system: Write down the names of the places you are looking to go within the country on little paper chits and pick a chit at random or let someone else do it for you. Whichever destination you pick should be your choice of location!

The Sleepy technique: Was the last technique not random enough for you? This one is way weirder. Utilize those same chits and hide them under your mattress or bedding. Sleep on the mattress and when you wake up whichever chit is under your Right arm is your choice of destination and also a great way to start a day with a surprise!

Buzzfeed Quizzes: Take one of those quizzes online and as ridiculous as it sounds it might actually be the most spontaneous thing you would do in your life. Take those quizzes and find a destination that matches your personality and go checkout for yourself if the place resembles you.

A Nursery Rhyme: This one would just take the cake for the weirdest. Play any nursery rhyme of your choice and chant the alphabets from A to Z continuously, the time the rhyme ends the alphabet in your mind is your clue for the place. Then search for places around you that start with that letter and fix your plans.

Spontaneity and excitement are essential for the spirit of the traveler and after what we all have gone through this year, I guess we all deserve to have a bit of fun and let loose for a while! Comment down below if you ever tried these hilarious and fun ways and lastly stay safe and happy. Until next time.

Tips that will change your life!

There are numerous blogs, motivators and people around you that will tell you that changing your life is actually quite easy. Some investments or a makeover is first step to do so. You may also think that it is expensive to make those changes in life. But wait have you ever heard that,
Charity begins at home
The same way any change that has to occur should occur within oneself. There is no easy way to making your life better but a long process which only demands you to be consistent. You don’t need to be hard on yourself or make changes to your appearance to feel the change. Following are a few ways you can include in your daily life which do not ask for much time or money just your will towards a better tomorrow.

1) Select your purpose:
We are not born with a determined purpose of our being in fact we realize ours while gaining experience from our strengths and mistakes. Do not constrict your thinking or your imagination. Every time you get a task, instead of setting a deadline or believing that you can do it just try and understand it a little more by asking those around you. This will make it easier for you to get the job done and will give you motivation to keep going further. Do your research beyond the task and understand its real life significance which will help you keep learning new things. Your purpose is what you would want the people to remember you by and you can be whatever you feel like.

2) Inculcate and Change one habit:
There is always that one habit we wished we had like being outspoken or being calm. Human brain takes about 21 days to learn a new habit. Take one step at a time, if you want to be outspoken the best way to start is by genuinely complementing people around you. This helps to form strong bonds and soon enough you will realize how many around you want to have a conversation. Start by casually complimenting someone’s handwriting or their watch and keep saying what is on your mind and soon that habit will become natural to you. Just a joy of acknowledging someone’s choice is quite satisfying and an amazing ice breaker.

3) Take up a physical activity:
Like many have already told you before, take up a physical activity. It does not have to be just going to the gym, you can start running or take a walk at the sunrise or sunrise and they are a workout in itself. Physical activity wakes up the body and mind. It helps balance your mood and also gives you an amazing physic. Running, swimming, going on walks alone or with friends, cycling are the best for getting in shape or you could also take up a sport, ones like Tennis, Football, Cricket, etc. These will not only get the body moving but also build great friendships as most of these sports need a team of players.

4) Coloring Books:
As ridiculous and naïve as it sounds, surrounding yourself with colors help uplift your mood. Ever wondered why a child’s room or everything that’s related to kids so colorful? Colors help in the cognitive growth of the brain. Buy a nice new coloring book and paint some amazing pictures or just download apps that offer number wise coloring and get painting. Soon you will realize that this is a great way to relax your mind and feel accomplished after finishing your masterpiece!

5) Treat yourself:
Make a nice cup of hot chocolate just for yourself on a winter evening, cook that one delicious gourmet recipe that meant to try but didn’t get the time, Take yourself to the spa or just go watch a movie and enjoy it with a huge tub of popcorn. These are those little things you have to do to tell yourself that you are worth it. Be your own best friend and try to understand your body and your mindset and be proud of it.

These are just a few of many tips I have compiled, stay tuned to find out many more such tips in the Part 2 of this update! Comment down below if you tried any of these tips mentioned above and how did it benefit you! Also follow this blog to get notifications of all the updates. That’s it for this post, see you again!

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How to Travel in 2020

Modern day travel commenced in the middle 19th Century and has only seen a boost since then. Apart from the Water way, Road ways and Rail way transport found its way into the travel industry and positioned themselves as one of the most common and quick means of transportation. One such mean of transport that was introduced much later than all of the other ways mentioned above was the Air ways. It made travel between two countries easier and gave a huge market for travel around the world. It is still one of the most famous and quickest way to travel oversees or within a country. This year in March 2020 when Corona Virus spread its claws around the world, almost all countries shut down the international flights due to the risk of the spread of the newly introduced disease. Many industries took a huge hit and incurred losses over the time period of almost eight months now, but one such industry faced the low that it had never seen before was the Travel industry. Due to quarantine, it had become almost impossible for anyone to travel in this period due to health risks. Due to unpredicted turn of events, no amount of disaster management could save even the biggest of the players of the travel market. Although many countries have opened their doors for tourism under strict guidelines, it is still in a minimal pace. People are worried about the risks and some even unaware of the new travel policies. But there are still many travel lovers who wish to explore their horizons.
Is there any way things could be easy, cheap and accessible in travel right now?
YES! For all the travel enthusiasts right now stuck at home, there are still many ways a person can travel and get to experience new things without spending much. Following are a few trends which I compiled could be a great start to ease into travelling.

1) REVISIT: Remember that small museum by the house or that one awesome sunset point that you visited like five years ago and has almost never been in your list to explore currently, maybe this is a time that you visit that place again. Not only does it evoke a sense of nostalgia but watching a place or a monument with new eyes and perspective helps us to understand the culture better. The trees of history now so lost and forgotten in the modern time’s hustle and bustle, we can actually try to get closer to our roots. If not anything, great pictures for social media are always a motivating factor for the youths. Visit your closest gardens, museums, art galleries, monuments, etc.

2) CRASH AT A BNB: Tired of staying at home looking at the same walls of your room which you already know are a shade of pale yellow maybe this is the time you get to live in a different home. One major and most underrated factor of travelling is the stay. The newness of a new home brings in enthusiasm and clean slate to make many memories. Just book a bed and breakfast around which ever area in the city you like and spend a week or two there. Notice around and see that the people around you have much different way of living and that the birds might just chirp in various different ways than you have ever noticed before. Take your friends or family and plan a retreat or just go alone for solitude.

3) EXPERIENCE: Do you know that many people around you hold cooking classes, book your seats now because there is nothing more accomplishing than cooking your own meal for a day that you newly learned. It is said that the pathway to heart passes through the stomach and I couldn’t agree more. You will be learning new skills but also understanding the diverse food culture. Food is a necessity and it can be delicious. This year has taught everyone to at least make a toast for themselves and joining the classes might just teach you to make your own pizza. There would also be many companies around you that take a historical city walks. Join one such walk and learn new things about the same city you are living since forever or might have just moved too. There are various such experience classes around you hence, keep an eye out for one.

4) FIND YOUR OWN GEMS: Think more than just places of mass tourism. Maybe you could find potential touristic places with research and promote them for the people around you to come visit. Make a habit to write reviews and help out others too.

5) TREKS AND HIKES: People go on treks to find peace within the arms of mother nature and there is no better way to energize your mind with the pure breeze of the mountains and silent music of the streams. One can socially distance themselves and enjoy a trekking day.

6) HOME TRAVEL: This is a relatively new concept developed this year where various apps or websites take you on a virtual tour of the place of your choice and you can enjoy the visuals and get to know the history and culture at the comfort of your home. Though travel is an experience where demands you to be at a certain place present but this is a great way to understand your choice of place and make a bucket list for your future travels.


  1. Follow the guidelines and wear a mask.
  2. If you find a genuine handicrafts store, book store or a small restaurant make sure to take something from there, your little contribution can account for much more.
  3. Support the small local businesses.
  4. Keep yourself updated with the latest news

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